Chloe Bennet suits up for Season 3

Last season in “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” Skye learned her true identity and began her transformation into Daisy Johnson. Now, with the Season 3 premiere imminent on Tuesday, September 29 at 9:00 PM ET on ABC, that transformation has completed itself as Daisy gets a new tactical suit inspired by her look as Quake in the comics.

Yesterday we revealed the first photos of Chloe Bennet in the new suit, but in order to learn more about how it all came together we spoke with the series’ costume designer, Ann Foley, and even got our hands on the original piece of concept art by Phillip Boutte and Joshua Shaw that helped bring it all to life.

Foley, took a great deal of inspiration from Quake’s appearance in the comics, looking to incorporate as much as she could while also staying true to the world of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“I think one of the most important things was that the symbol be incorporated into her costume but especially onto the gauntlets,” relates Foley. “And it’s also on the back of her suit, which was a fun little touch that we added. As far as the silhouette, we wanted to stay true to the comics and pay tribute to those original designs.

"I also wanted to incorporate the gold color that I've seen in some of the illustrations of her suit throughout the comics, which is why we wanted a nod to her tactical look from last season, so if you look at the style lines around the top of the costume, you will see that they're similar to her tactical hood from Season 2."

Throughout the first two seasons, Foley has had the chance to bring a couple of other costumes from the page to the screen with her designs for Deathlok and Agent Bobbi Morse’s tactical/Mockingbird suit, but the process of adapting something from comics to real life doesn’t necessarily take any more time than original costumes created from scratch.

“They all take about the same amount of time, I would say,” notes Foley. “It’s basically starting with the research and then continuing with the illustration process. And sometimes, depending on the schedule of the production, the time frame can be different for each costume. Some schedules are a bit more advanced than others, so we have to work around that.”

The costume designer relied on some of her staple materials in creating Quake’s suit.

"I stuck with a lot of similar fabrications that I've used in the past," she confirms. "Her suit is made out of printed EuroJersey, which works well for these costumes because it's a four-way stretch that gives Chloe the ability to move and do her stunts, just like with Mockingbird and Deathlok. But there is a lot more leather in her suit than in some of the others. And then of course there's the Gauntlet and the utility belt that she's wearing around her waist, built by Legacy Effects, that are made out of flexible materials painted to look like metal, so that she can do her action and her stunts and nobody's going to get hurt."

Chloe Bennet, who plays Daisy in the series, has taken quite a liking to the suit, according to Foley.

“Chloe looks incredible and feels empowered in it. She loves wearing her Quake costume and if she had her way, she’d probably wear it all the time.”

With all the work that went into creating the outfit, a couple of elements stand out in particular to Foley as ones she’s especially proud of in the final suit.

“I love the gauntlets and that we worked the symbol into the construction on the back of her suit,” Foley remarks. “It’s probably one of the coolest things that we’ve done so far. And the fact that Chloe is so happy with it and that she looks so kick ass in it is a real thrill! It’s great to see Skye’s progression into Daisy Johnson and the suit is just the beginning.”

Written by Marc Storm of