Regrettable Superhero #3: The Bouncer


The Bouncer was originally a statue of the Greek mythological figure Antaeus (spelled Anteas in the comics). The statue had been sculpted by Adam Anteas, Jr., a descendant of the mythical Anteas. Like his ancestor, Anteas Jr. gained power when in contact with the earth, allowing him to bounce back whenever he struck the ground, and the harder he hit the ground, the higher he bounced. Unfortunately, just like his ancestor, he lost his power when out of contact with the ground.

At first Anteas Jr. had no interest in superheroics, and generally wanted to be left alone with his statues. But whenever he was threatened, the spirit of his ancestor would animate the statue of the Bouncer, and drag Anteas Jr. off on an adventure. Eventually Anteas Jr. began to seek out criminals, and fight them with the aid of the Bouncer.


The Bouncer was created by Robert Kanigher and Louis Ferstadt. He first appeared September 1944 in The Bouncer. Most notably, the Bouncer is known for being the first comic book character created by Robert Kanigher.

Powers and Abilities

The Bouncer was a statue animated by the spirit of the mythological Anteas. He had superhuman strength and the ability to leap great distances by bouncing off the ground.

Adam Anteas Jr. could also bouncing off the ground like the Bouncer, and could instantaneously summon the Bouncer to his current location whenever he needed him.